Capriva del Friuli | 24/07/2019

The Sauvignon from Attems, classic like classic rock…

A group with a strong connection to its place of birth, in other words, but which has become an international success. Something similar to Sauvignon, one of the most popular international grape varieties which in Friuli, and in our vineyards at Attems, acquires features that turn it into a wine that gives a strong interpretation of the area where it is born.

Just like the band now plays a rather classic, fresh, catchy rock, so in our Sauvignon there’s the lightness of a catchy, well-defined rhythm, and the typical and recognisable bouquet of this wine. There’s the charm of a land, Friuli, made of woods and fields, of traditions and history, where this grape variety with a foreign name arrived so long ago it has rooted, literally, in its earth. There’s the charm of a great classic: you’ll know it, you’ll recognise it. Just place the glass close to your nose.