If Cicinis were a song

If Cicinis were a song, it would be Jumpin’ Jack Flash from the Rolling Stones. In our Sauvignon made exclusively from the grapes picked on the hill rich of ponca after which the wine is named, there’s the same energy of the rock music from the Rolling Stones, who in the case of this album, had returned to a sound slightly more blues, compared to the psychedelic effects of the previous works. Contrary to what one might think, this is in fact the song the band has most often performed in a concert, even more than I Can’t Get no Satisfaction, which makes it a classic of rock. And it is for this reason too that we thought of matching it with our Cicinis, the emblem-wine of Attems, born from a careful selection of the grapes produced on the Cicinis hill, where the microclimate enjoys the light of the sun reflected by the Adriatic sea, the evening breezes coming from the Alps, and the presence of the woods all around the vineyards.

In Cicinis there’s the same freshness of the music of the Rolling Stones, who in this particular song used acoustic instruments with a microphone placed right in front of the barrel, creating a unique sound. A freshness enriched with tones of sage, typical of the Sauvignon from this area, which makes it a perfect match with dishes such as sausages and pork ribs, as well as soups of legumes, without tomatoes, or a cream of mushrooms, thanks to its typical aromatic character.

Thanks to its structure and long finish, this wine is like a song whose notes continue to echo in your mind, even long after the concert is over.