Capriva del Friuli | 24/06/2019

Ribolla Gialla, vibrating like an Italian rock ballad…

If the Ribolla Gialla from Attems were a song, it would be “Una musica può fare” from Max Gazzè. An Italian author for an autochthonous grape variety. A vibrating music, fresh, the kind of song you can’t resist clapping and singing along.

Just like the lyrics of Max Gazzè are both light, fun and deep and provoking, so is Ribolla Gialla. In its freshness, its sapidity, there’s the energy of a fast rhythm, of a tune you can recognise. It gives you joy. There’s the lightness of a summer open air concert, but at the same time this wine has depth and a unique, balanced, elegant character.

Catchy, captivating, it’s a rock ballad that invites you to share the moment. And while you can recognise the song from its very first notes, you can also recognise this wine after just one sip. All thanks to its typical character, which draws from the territory of Friuli and from a grape variety that has always called this land its home.