Capriva del Friuli | 10/05/2019

Biodiversity according to Attems

If we were to give our Attems definition of biodiversity, we’d say it is first of all richness of life. When there’s biodiversity in an ecosystem, we can find a huge variety of plants, insects and animals. Together, all these living beings contribute to creating a harmonious and stronger environment, capable of defending itself.

This is why at Attems we pay great attention so that the area where our wines are born can be rich in biodiversity. Close to our vineyards there are woods, hedges, and further away there are rivers, lakes and fields. It’s a complex environment, one we safeguard. So, when autumn comes, we plant green manure: mustard, phacelia, Italian clover, tall fescue… These plants sprout soon, but they wait for the spring to fill our vineyards with flowers. And then they attract the precious bees, the locomotives of pollination, and other insects. Later, when they fade, we bury them, so that they can make the soil soft and well-drained.

It’s a very ancient procedure, but to this day it is part of our daily life. It’s crucial so that our winery can be sustainable.