Extended cookie policy

Use of cookies

attems.it or the “Site” utilises cookies to make its services simpler and more efficient for the users who are reading the pages of Attems.

Users who read the Site will see certain minimal amounts of information inserted in their devices, whether computers or mobile systems, contained in
small files called “cookies” saved in the directory utilised by the users’ web browser.

There are various kinds of cookies, some designed to make use of the Site more efficient, others to enable certain functions.

Types of cookies used by attems.it

Following are the various types of cookies utilised by Attems for site usage functionality.

Technical cookies

This type of cookies allows correct functioning of certain sections of the Site.

There are two categories: persistent and session cookies:

  • persistent: Once the browser is closed, these cookies are not erased but remain until a predetermined date.
  • session: They are erased every time the browser is closed.

These cookies, always sent by our domain, are necessary for the correct viewing of our Site and in relation to the technical services offered; they will always be utilised and sent, therefore, unless the users change the specifications of their own browser (thereby impeding correct viewing of certain pages on the Site).

Service analysis cookies by third parties

These cookies are utilised to gather information on use of the Site by users, but anonymously, in areas such as: pages visited, visit period of time, area of origin of traffic, geographic provenance, age, gender and interests for use in marketing campaigns. Such cookies are sent by third party domains external to the Site.

attems.it, in accord with current legislation, is not required to request user consent for technical and analysis cookies, since they are necessary for the
services offered.

Websites and services by third parties

The Site might contain links to other websites which have their own privacy policy which could be different from that adopted by Attems, which is therefore not responsible for such sites.

Cookies utilised by attems.it

Following is a list of technical and analytical cookies utilised by this Site:

  • __utma
    Lasts 2 years.  Google Analytics statistical cookie (third party cookie). Used to identify users and sessions.
  • __utmb
    Lasts 30 minutes. Google Analytics statistical cookie (third party cookie). Used to identify a new visit session to the site.
  • __utmc
    Lasts one session. Google Analytics statistical cookie (third party cookie). A technical cookie that permits interoperability of various Google Analytics statistical services.
  • __utmt
    Last 10 minutes. Google Analytics statistical cookie (third party cookie). Used to identify kind of request.
  • __utmz
    Lasts 6 months. Google Analytics statistical cookie (third party cookie). Identifies the provenance of the user.
  • _icl_current_language
    Lasts one day. WordPress technical cookie. Memorises the selected navigational language.

How to manage the cookies on your computer?

Every browser allows the personalisation of the way that cookies must be treated. It is possible to block every type of cookie, or to accept and receive only certain ones and disable the others.  The Options or Preferences menu of the browser allows the user to avoid receiving cookies and other user tracking technologies, and how to obtain notification by the browser of the activation of such technologies. Alternatively, the user can also consult the Help section offered by most browsers. Some browsers make possible “anonymous navigation” on websites, accepting cookies, then erasing them automatically at the end of each navigation session. For additional information regarding “cookie management” and “anonymous navigation” consult the documentation provided by the browser used.

For more information on cookies and on to manage cookie preferences (by first and/or third parties) users may also visit the platform www.youronlinechoices.com.

How to disable third party cookies

This page can be viewed by means of the link at the foot of every page of the Site, in accord with Art. 2, Paragraph 2 of  Legislative Decree 196/2003 and successive simplified methods for notifying and acquiring consent for the use of cookies published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale no.126 of 3 June 2014 and in the pertinent regulations register no. 229 of 8 May 2014.