Friulan wine Picolit

The Friulian wine Picolit, which is the wine of the friulian Collio par excellence, owes its very particular flavor to the partial fertilization of the flower which determines the development of a few grapes but very concentrated. Even the soil has a very great importance for the Picolit vines which prefers a soil composed by sandstone alternating with layers of marl. This is exactly how the Attems Collio soil is and that is why Attems can produce one of the best Friuli Picolit wine in the region.

As a matter of fact, the Picolit is certainly to be counted among the most famous wines of Friuli and one of the noblest expressions of Collio Friulano, a land devoted to viticulture and tradition in the North East of Italy, which is increasingly succeeding in imposing itself on the world wine scene.

The Friulian wine Picolit is a wine for meditation and it is so complete that it is difficult to recommend some gastronomic combinations: obviously if you want to enjoy it at best, a bottle of Attems cellar is recommended!