Friulian Merlot wine

The friulian Merlot wine by Attems is produced in a very perticular way and with a very delicate process.

First of all, the vineyards of the Attems Merlot are located in Lucinico, right in the heart of the Collio Goriziano area. The vineyard has been planted in 1973 and the location has been choosen because of the soil type which is sandstones created by seabed uplifting 50 million years ago. In the Attems cellars, the wine matures into barrels which have been already used once or twice and thus are more suitable to give an even more important microoxygenation to the wine. The result is a well structured wine, with a full taste also of spices.

As many doc friulian wines, the Merlot wine is very good with pan-fried rabbit and chicken with vegetables, roast lamb, sausages and Borlotti bean soups. However, with a slice of salame or some bread with San Daniele ham, it can be drunk even during the afternoon.

Try the friulian Merlot wine by Attems and taste the best of the friulian best wines tradition!