Friuli wine producers

The Friuli wine producers are very many and they are manily located in to the Collio area which is one of the most renowned areas in Italy for the production of wine.  Here, wine has always been a heritage and it is here that enology has been transformed into a true  and very passionate vocation. 

The Attems estate, located right in the heart of the Collio, is one of the most renowned wineries since it has been able to maintain the tradition but with great attention to innovation aimed at continuous improvement .  The wines that Attems produces in the Gorizia collio are different, even if all equally good: red, white, but also the famous Picolit and the Pinot Grigio Ramato without forgetting the excellent Ribolla Gialla, a noble substitute of the more widespread Prosecco. The winery has also its special wines such as Cleve Cabernet and Cicinis which are one of the top expression of the all production.

Attems has an important and high quality offer that includes some of the best wines ever made by the Friuli wine producers.