Friuli Sauvignon blanc wine

Friuli Sauvignon blanc wine is a complex and unique wine. In particular, the Sauvignon of the Friulan Attems winery is characterized by a lively, savory and fresh flavor that is enhanced through an harmonious and full-bodied bouquet. This is due to the specific intention of not breaking, from the grapevine to the cellar, the balance of the elements of the terroir thus letting the wine became a true expression of its vines.

This wine can be tasted with fish dishes, especially sea bass and sea bream, accompanied by vegetables such as asparagus, potatoes or not loving vegetables. Even the cheese finds in the Friuli Sauvignon spirit a perfect ally that completes its organoleptic characteristics and specificity. If you are looking for a unique and delicious wine, the Friuli Sauvignon blanc wine proposed by the Friuli winery Attems is definitely the winning choice.