Friuli Ribolla Gialla wine

The Friuli Ribolla Gialla wine is a local wine of the area and it is characterized by a beautiful straw yellow color and a delicate bouquet with strong floral scents. Fresh and with a marked acidity, it stands out among the white wines of Friuli for its versatility of tasting. In addition, it is superbe with vegetable pies or savory pies as well as if presented for a summery and excellent aperitif. 

The Friuli winery Attems produces its Ribolla Gialla in a very particular place in Friuli, the Collio, which is located to the northeast of the plain, right on the border with Slovenia. This is a particular area for the wines since the temperature and the soil are simply the best for the production of wines.

Try the Friuli Ribolla Gialla wine, one of the best Collio wines, with the dishes you like best or refresh yourself with a good glass of this queen of white wines at cellar temperature: you will discover a new world, all to be tasted.