Friuli local wines

Among the Friuli local wines, the Ribolla Gialla wine is the best known and appreciated. This type of vine has been cultivated for centuries in the region but it is only in recent years that the wine has managed to reach its maximum expression in terms of pleasantness and fullness of flavor.

The Ribolla Gialla wine offered by the Attems estate is a very special wine which is made from a wine that grows in the terraces of Ponca purissima, a land in the Friuli Collio consisting of fragmented sandstones, silt and sand of Eocene origin. The soil, together with the particular location which is sheltered from the cold winds of the Nord and the Bora as well as mitigated by the warm sea winds, exalts this variety of wine to the maximum and offer a true experience of taste.

If you are looking for tradition and want to know more about the Friuli local wines, you should stop at the Attems cellars to taste Trebes, the best Ribolla Gialla wine: you will never forget its wonderful taste.