Friuli Collio wines

The Friuli Collio wines are famous allover the world and the wines of the Attems estate are among the best.

As fare as white wines are concerned, the Attems winery offers many friulian doc wines: Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Ribolla Gialla wine, Picolit, Sauvignon and Sauvignon blanc (Cicinis) as well as the glorious Friulano which is the new label for the former Tocai wine (the white wine called Tocai is now an hungarian wine).

To talk about red wines of the Collio area, we must mention Merlot, the most popular local red wine, and Cabernet. This last one is called Cleve and it represents one of the best expression of the friulian doc wines of Collio Goriziano.

Attems is one of the oldest wine producers of the Collio area and its cellars have given birth to some masterpieces of enology and some of the best friulian wines like the Sauvignon blanc Cicinis or Attems amazing Picolit wine.