Doc friulian wines

The doc Friulian wines are both red and white: in particular, one of the most famous wines is the so-called Friulano Collio wine that once, before the querelle with Hungary lost after several years of battle, was called Tocai.

The Collio doc wines, however, also includes amazing wines such as the famous Picolit which owes its unique flavor to the few berries that reach maturity but which retain intact a strong sugary taste. Another excellent wine is the Ribolla Gialla renowned for its freshness and strong acidity and the Souvignon blanc which the Attems vinery present as Cicinis: this wine is a sort of an iconic symbol of the Cantina and it preserves centuries of tradition and knowledge of the terroir.  Attems is, as a matter of facts, an expression of the territory and one of the few winery able to preserve all the aromatic potentiality of the grapes.

Doc Friulian wines are a world of flavor and tradition, all to be discovered: come to the beautiful area of ​​the Friulian Collio and let yourself be inebriated by taste!