The Collio wines

The Collio wines of the Attems estate have some true special wines: the Cleve Cabernet wine, the Cicinis Sauvignon Blanc and the excellent Picolit. All these three labels have different characteristics but, among the Gorizia Collio wines, they are considered as icon products of the area.

The tradition of the Attems winery, which belongs to the Frescobaldi family since 2000,  goes back to the XII century and its story is linked with the most important history facts of the area such as the Patriarcato period and the Secon World War. However, thought the centuries, the estate has been able to preserve the old and precious winery tecniques and to improve them with technology and innovation so to enhance all the unique virtues of the soil which has made the Gorizia Collio wine also so superbe.

If you want to try the Collio wines you have to reach Udine, in Friuli Venezia Giulia, and then drive straight to Gorizia and Capriva: when you will see tha hills and the nature of this palce, your eyes will not believe to themselves.