Collio wines cellars

The Collio wines and its cellars are a real piece of poetry: sunny hills, farmhouses and vineyards, a glorious nature not to mention the precious cellars that boast centuries of history and are the only ones capable of protecting the wine in order to let it mature by following the right timing. The Collio is a special place and it is located in the north-est of Italy: its climate, not too cold in the winter while fresh and windy in the summer, is perfect for the vines as well as the soil which is a mix of sandstone, slit and sand.

The production of Friulian wines concerns both red wines, such as Merlot and Cabernet, and white wines including the friulian Ribolla Gialla wine, Pinot Grigio and especially the Friulano wine, which is nothing but the well-known Tocai who had to leave the name to Hungary, after a long and controversial quarrel. 

Get to know the wines of Collio and the cellars of this wonderful place located in the Northeast of Italy and plan a nice trip and let yourself be enchanted by one of the most beautiful wine lands.