Collio Pinot Grigio wine

The Collio Pinot Grigio wine is one of the most weel-known Friuli local wines. This is a wine with a very fruity aroma and characterized by a savory, fat and lively taste that leaves a lovable and delicious aftertaste on the palate.

Ideal for stuffed meats, this white Friulian wine also goes very well with roasts and grilled cooking even if some people like it with fruit salads and fresh vegetable dishes.  Among the wine producers in Friuli, the Attems winery is particularly famous for the Collio Pinot Grigio which is produced with grapes from vineyards located between the plains and slopes of the province of Gorizia, where the sea air meets the beneficial mountain currents.

 The tradition of the Attems winery, which belongs to the Frescobaldi family since 2000,  goes back to the XII century and its story is linked with the most important history facts of the area such as the Patriarcato period and the Secon World War. Collio Pinot Grigio wine but not only: at the Attems winery you can find all the most renowned wines of the region, from Ribolla Gialla to Merlot and Sauvignon ...!