Cicinis wine

The Cicinis wine of Attems comes from a vineyard of Sauvignon blanc del Friuli which is located on the hill with the same name, right in the heart of the Friulian Collio. This is one of the most appreciated friulian wines and it represents the symbolic product of the company Attems which produces it with all the care and know-how that only years of life in the vineyard can give.

For this wine, the fermentation/aging takes place into concrete containers, perfectly shaped so to allow the convection movements generated by the different temperatures which are inside the containers to move freely. Consequently, the yeast present into the tank moves from the bottom upwards. All this process is meant to give to the wine more complexity and a more refined taste. Given its full and captivating flavour, the Cicinis wine goes very well with dishes characterized by a good content of fat such as pork, sausages, winter soups of beans or lentils or stews.

For those who love to feel the true flavour of the territory, the Cicinis wine is an unforgettable experience and certainly all to be tried: come to the Attems estate and let yourself be enchanted by the highest Italian winemaking tradition.