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Pinot Grigio Ramato: gentle and citric

Attems Pinot Grigio Ramato continues a tradition of the Republic of Venice, since “ramato,” or coppery, was the term that referred to Pinot Grigio in contracts. A special vinification practice led to the use of this term: the must remains in contact with the skins for 12 hours and this practice gives the wine a very distinctive coppery hue. Attems Cupra Ramato boasts a rich, fruity bouquet, and opens full and weighty on the palate, with multi-faceted flavours.

Serving suggestions

It is perfect when paired with fatty fish, with delicate or vegetable-based antipasti, the ideal companion to summer dishes, and is delicious as well as an aperitif.

Pinot Grigio Ramato

Terroir and environmental conditions

Estate and vineyard location: The vineyards are located in the alluvial plains of the Isonzo river
Altitude: 50 metres sea level
Exposure: South, Southeast
 5.000/6.250 vines per hectare
Training system: Vertically-trellised Guyot
Vineyard average age: on average 15 years

Pinot Grigio Ramato

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Venezia Giulia IGT

Vintage Report

After a cold, snow-filled winter, spring brought slightly lower temperatures than usual for the area. The even rainfall made possible a gradual and uniform budbreak. Temperatures held to the average beginning in mid-June, and the vines progressed normally through their growth stages. The berries reached their final size at the end of July, without any excessive heat spells, then August ushered in the expected day-night temperature differentials, so essential for the natural accumulation of aromatic compounds that are fundamental for our high quality white wines. All the various grape varieties were harvested and fermented in the cellar, with the most meticulous attention being paid to each of the wine lines. The Ramato must is macerated on the skins for about 24 hours at 10°C. As grapes presented an excellent maturity and beauty, maceration was extended without extracting unpleasant tannins. An intensive, pleasing color of light purple was the result.

Tasting Notes

The wine displays its classic coppery luminosity. The bouquet releases emphatic aromas, particularly of strawberry and wild cherry, which yield to subtle notes of crisp almond, roast espresso, and ginseng. In the mouth, it is beautifully balanced, with an ultra-appealing thread of tangy mineral. The finish is both remarkably crisp and fragrant.

Technical Information

Variety: Pinot Grigio
Yield/Hectare: 75 quintals
Harvest period: third decade of September
Vineyard practices: manual
Fermentation vats: stainless steel and a part of new oak
Fermentation temperature: temperature controlled, not exceeting 18°C - 20°C
Alcohol by volume: 12,5% Vol.
Length of fermentation: 20 days
Length of maceration on the skins: 24 hours at 10°C
Maturation method: stainless steel and barriques
Length of maturation: 15% of the production 2 months in barriques, 4 months in stainless steel, 1 month in bottle

Pinot Grigio Ramato

2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007

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